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Curriculum Design and Teaching

Mental Health Policy

Class for Healthcare Professional Students

In this class, I introduce students to historic and contemporary issues in mental health policy, and explore political and economic factors that affect views of mental illness and policy.

Introduction to Clinical Ethics

Class for Healthcare Professional Students

I teach students how to approach complex clinical ethical issues in healthcare settings. At BCM, students have opportunities to shadow my consultation work and gain mentorship in conducting their own ethical analysis.

Presentations for Healthcare Professionals

Capacity and Competency

Presentation for Healthcare Professionals

I teach practicing healthcare professionals the difference between decisional capacity and competency in healthcare settings. Then, I explore common misconceptions and problems that arise in their application.

Guest Lectures for Students

Constructivist Grounded Theory

Methodology for PhD Students (Guest Lecture)

I guide students through the data analysis process of constructivist grounded theory, beginning with process coding to building explanatory theories.

Coercion in Health and Mental Healthcare

Lecture for Social Work (MSW) Students

I introduce social work students to the key issues related to involuntary commitment programs in the United States, including their history and ethical questions.


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